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Flashh! I Thought I Saw A Puddy Cat!

Have you ever had one of those flashes of inspiration? Have you ever just had one of those "knowings" down in the pit of your stomach? No, I don't mean after a big bowl of beans. That's not what I'm talking about. Ever had something flash across your mind and looked like a puddy cat? Read on and discover what it was.

Flashes of inspiration; how sweet they are. And, they can take different forms. Every one of you, at some time or another, has slapped his/her knee and said, "I see it". "I see it". That was your subconscious talking to you. That's where your Spirit lives. And he knows what the answer is even when you don't.

The reason so many people get so few "flashes of inspiration" is they never spend the time to get to know their best friend. Case in point. In the early part of the last century, there was a scientist who, during his lifetime, developed many inventions.

Flying Cats, What's the world coming to?

He said he got his ideas from flashes of puddy cats. Well, that was his way of explaining them. He would go into a dark room with a table and one chair and turn the lights off and sit, and sit, and sit.

He said he didn't care how long it took; he would wait till he saw flashes of puddy cats. He was waiting on fresh ideas and answers to what ever he was disturbed over. He knew the answer was in his Spirit, he just had to get it out.

I Think That Dude Needs a Rubber Room!

While he was in the room, he applied what he called controlled attention, asking his subconscious to give him the answer to his specific problem. The way he described it, on some occasions the puddy cats didn't come too quickly. On some occasions they were fuzzy, no pun intended. Sometime they would fly like machine gun bullets.

As soon as the ideas began to make sense, he would turn the lights on and write them down. He explained the source of them this way. He said they came from knowledge stored in his subconscious but acquired through personal experience; knowledge of others and, knowledge from the infinite intelligence.

He said when he was sitting, he would tune into one or all three of these sources. He emphasized that he "made" the time to do this because it was so beneficial. He said most people would scoff at this because it would appear to be such a waste of time. Most people would rather struggle and fight because they believe that's the way that great achievements come.

Not to mention they would not want others to think they were a fruit cake.

The author of this article has some personal experience with this concept. Being a student of the subconscious and particularly interested in the powers of the unknown and unexplainable, I began to notice some startling results begin to take place after employing these ideas.

No Fruit Cake For Me!

I want it on record here and now, "I have never seen any puddy cats"!! Not real ones anyway. Maybe some baby elephants, Nah?. I'm kidding. Although I have to admit, I've looked for them. Hehe! Now just what you think if I told you puddy cats went flying through my closet? Yeah, right.

In your quest for answers you may fail. Remember, Success is never final, and failure is never fatal, only staying down is failure. What you are doing here is, "learning to see." Learning to see so that your quest will help you discover something more, something even greater. What is that? The ability to discover answers any time you need them.

Think about this. How would you feel if you knew with any problem that came up in your life, you could find a series of answers? All of them will not be right. Most of them will be garbage. A few of them may be useable. Some of them will look like puddy cats. Yea?. and that's the one we're looking for.

Looks like the 3 Stooges to me!

Be observant, think, look, pay attention, controlled attention, for that's when, who knows, you might see a puddy cat. Here is something I have personally discovered in this process. Pay attention. Many times, not every time, I did not get what I felt was a specific answer to the specific situation at hand.

But, what I got was a direction that appeared to have nothing to do with the problem at hand, but in the end, it was something much more valuable and much greater than I could have ever done through kicking and screaming it into existence.

Learn a lesson from Chris!

Consider this. Christopher Columbus set out to find a way to Asia by traveling west from Spain. That was his goal; that was his definite plan. Well, you know the story. He failed big time. Or, did he? You wouldn't be here if he had succeeded. I believe the infinite wisdom that communicates to our subconscious knew where he should end up. Thank goodness it did.

In many respects, these flashes of imagination could be explained as just an individual brainstorming; i.e.; allowing your imagination to flash ideas from the subconscious to the conscious mind and incorporating the answers to a specific problem. When done, these flashes are examined for value and practicality.

A Good Place to Think!

If you follow my articles you will understand what I'm about to say. I've had people ask me, "Where do you get some of the crazy titles you come up with for your articles"? I tell em "puddy cats". That's where they come from. Although I admit, I'm not always in a closet looking for them. Sometime they come just from watching Gomer Pyle. But, you have to be able to recognize them, when they come, even if you're in your sitting room on your throne.

Every person has the creative ability to do this. It is God given. But, most people just haven't learned to use it. So don't sell yourself short and say "I don't have a puddy cat brain". Yes you do, Sylvester. It is very unlikely that any great mind would have achieved greatness without learning to use the creative abilities of their mind. Discover your puddy cats; they're in there.

Richard Vegas 2002

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